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Kitchen, Bath and Wellness Design Consulting



Thanks for dropping by and sharing my passion for healthier homes!

“Health” and “home” are two words that aren’t often used together, but that’s starting to change. More homeowners, builders, design professionals, educators and writers are exploring the important links between where — and how well — we live.

It’s a connection I made years ago when I started working with older remodeling clients and, even more so, when I started my own midlife fitness journey. “Wellness design,” the term for creating healthier spaces, has become both a professional and personal passion of mine.

I look forward to sharing wellness design’s many benefits with you. Whether you’re looking for consultation on an upcoming project, training for your teams, or expert insights for your publication or event, you’ll find all you need to know about how I can help here on my website. Reach out any time to let me know how I can help you meet your goals.


Tap into my years of design experience and expertise to take your project to the next level.


Turn to me for great content and engaging feature articles for your design publications and websites.


Hire me to be the voice of wellness design, trends, and insights at your special events and conferences.


What People Are Saying

Wellness Design Consulting

“Jamie Gold…was one of the first to embrace the healthy home movement, and she considers it a personal mission to educate consumers and the industry at large about important issues such as sustainability, aging in place and how good design can also promote health and longevity.”
—Editor, Kitchen & Bath Trade Magazine

Kitchen & Bath Design Consulting

“Jamie designed one of the best kitchens we have ever done. I think her kitchen designs are some of the best in the business.”
—Custom Home Builder

Speaking & Training

“Thank you very much for presenting to our chapter. You provided a roadmap on how designers can relate to prospective clients and tap into media sources. I don’t think many of us had considered your excellent points. I could see the light bulbs coming on! Awesome presentation, concise slides and helpful handout. Our Members and the Board are appreciative.”
—Programs Chair, Regional Residential Design Association

Residential Design Writing

“I hired Jamie to write on a variety of topics. Her creativity, flawless writing, professionalism and punctuality helped lend even more credibility to our home and real estate section.”
Lifestyle Editor, Daily Newspaper


If you'd like to work with me, please get in touch!

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