This is a tense, difficult time for most of us, worrying about whether we’re bringing germs home to sicken ourselves or our loved ones. We’re doing our best to keep our homes as sanitized as possible to prevent the possibility of transmitting the deadly novel coronavirus from shared surfaces. There are so darned many of them!

It’s something we don’t think that much about — except when we must. This article shares 10 home elements that can be made hands-free to reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus in your home. A few can be implemented now, one with no installation at all, a couple more with DIY skills. Some of the others are changes to consider when you’re ready to make larger investments in your home. Now is certainly not the time you want to have anyone who doesn’t absolutely need to be in your home entering it.

Hands-free light switches are fairly easy DIY projects for someone with skills
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There’s a new giveaway launching today for pre-ordering Wellness by Design, the first-ever comprehensive consumer guide to optimizing your home for health, fitness and happiness. The book’s new publishing date is September 1, 2020, so you’ll have to wait a few months longer to read it. (I shared a preview here.) GelPro is giving a 20×48″ anti-fatigue mat to one lucky winner — maybe you? The winner can choose from ready-to-ship styles that fit his or her space. I have one of these between my prep island and my cooktop and love how it cushions my joints and keeps me from getting stiff and sore while I made healthy meals for my training sessions. Mats like these can also work in a mud room for doing laundry or hobbies, or in an office under a standing desk. Here’s the full scoop on how to enter and the rules.


Join my Book Launch Circle to find out about more special giveaways, online events and other opportunities related to the September publication of my third book, Wellness by Design. I’m as disappointed as anyone that its release date has been pushed from May to September, but I know we’re all going to be looking at our homes with greater emphasis after weeks (or months?) of sheltering-in-place to decide how we can make them work better for our lives, families and health. How did they succeed at new teleworking, homeschooling and home workout needs? What needs to be tweaked? How can we make our living spaces more comfortable, safer and more functional? Wellness by Design covers all of that in its 200-plus pages, and is full of four-color photos of terrific homes and rooms.

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