14 Wellness Design Ideas For Valentine’s Day Gifts

Today is Valentine’s Day, when we demonstrate our love for the special people in our lives. The holiday as we know it today began as a celebration of romantic partners, but has expanded into honoring other loved ones. I think it should also celebrate self-love for the millions of us singletons! While flowers and candy are traditional V Day gifts, they are short-lived.Why not celebrate the holiday of love with a lasting tribute to health and well-being?

Here are 14 ideas for wellness-inspired Valentine’s Day gifts for yourself, your partner, your home on February 14! Enjoy!  PS: It’s OK if you give a photo of the gift in your well-chosen card. That extends the love to its delivery date, bringing holiday joy a week or month later (and saves you from stress shopping)… Am I right? 

Woman kisses man's cheek, holding flowers he gave her. Wine glass on table in front of them.

Flowers are lovely, but my 14 Valentine’s Day ideas outlast them every time!
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My latest Kitchen & Bath Design News Trend Spotting looked at the use of artificial intelligence in the kitchen and bath industry. One point consumers may find especially valuable are insights on how AI can help with remote caregiving for vulnerable family members.




Since my award-winning Wellness by Design book went to press right before the world shut down in 2020, I decided to write a BONUS CHAPTER. It’s FREE with your purchase of the book itself. Here are five Valentine’s Day reasons why you should click through to your favorite independent bookstoreBarnes & Noble or Amazon to get your copy NOW!

  1. Making the home where your love lives more resilient provides added safety for the souls you cherish.
  2. Do you have older family members living with you? If so, making your home more multi-generational friendly is a great way to honor your love and theirs!
  3. Does your SO love to work out or have new hobbies? Show your love by creating a flex space for him or her to enjoy!
  4. Is outside noise driving your loved one crazy? Find out how to make your living spaces quieter. (And why it’s so important to do so.)
  5. Is there a role for new technologies in your household? Find out what they can AI and the metaverse can do for your relationships and well-being.



Here are a few links from around the web to enhance your home, health, safety and life:





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