2023 Design Shows Follow Up #1

I spent most of last week at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show and International Builder’s Show combined expos. After a hellacious travel day on Monday, I finally landed at 6 PM, ready for an early start the next day. I had moved my Monday flight earlier to spend the afternoon at the Las Vegas Market’s Ukrainian Pavilion, but the endless delays meant missing those appointments. (I did finally meet with them on Thursday afternoon, but there was less to see and fewer brands to talk with on the last day of their show.) I’ll be writing more about the Ukrainians in a bit, but let’s look first at KBIS/IBS — the main reason for my trip.

The shows were back to pre-pandemic strength, I’m glad to report. My first piece on the event was the various KBIS awards, since they point to what top specifying judges like, this year highlighting both wellness and sustainability. You can read that here.

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Induction cooktop with pan and tablet with cooking app open.

Induction cooktop makes using this technology simple and more powerful for home chefs.
(GE Profile)



As I mentioned, I wanted to spend some time at the Ukrainian Pavilion within the concurrent Las Vegas Market. It was a great opportunity to see the style and quality of workmanship in this country’s home products manufacturing sector.

I’m very glad I went, though I wish I’d been able to see more earlier in the week, as planned. My hope is to be able to share these offerings with American designers. I was surprised to hear that despite the war, many of these brands are exporting on shorter timelines than those of other European manufacturers!

Here is one company I did meet with there. Garant makes kitchen, bath, home office, closet and living room cabinetry for the European market, as well as panels for Ikea kitchens. Here’s an example from their catalog. Check them out for your design needs!

Kitchen with blue base cabinets and light wood-toned uppers.

Ukraine has an impressive furniture and cabinetry manufacturing sector.



I was delighted to be quoted in a Dwell.com article on the benefits of induction cooking — something you know I’m a big fan of. (I was delighted to see so many new induction tops and ranges at KBIS and IBS last week!) Just as an FYI, even though the government isn’t coming to confiscate your gas stove, the health, safety, convenience and cooking performance benefits of induction cookers make it obsolete! All of the innovation will be on the induction side going forward.

I was also delighted to contribute insights on universal design for Realtor.com. Whatever physical condition you’re in, having features that make your home more accessible benefits you, your household and the value of your property too.



Bathroom with freestanding tub, floor to ceiling window with nature view and fireplace.


What other topics do you want to hear about in the new year? Comment below and let me know.



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