5 Easy-To-Grow Houseplants That Improve Indoor Air Quality

Confession time: I don’t have a green thumb. It’s apparently not hereditary, as my Mom was a master gardener who could even get finicky fuchsias to grow.  I used to call my plant-killing finger the black thumb of death, but my current patio plants are still alive somehow, so maybe I have a sickly brown thumb instead.

I’m taking this plant piece I wrote for Forbes to my neighborhood garden center this weekend and buying a few of these low-maintenance varieties that will survive my plant parentage and improve my indoor air quality. There may be hope for me yet! What about you? Are you good at growing? Do you have a thriving collection of houseplants?

This could be me next weekend!
(Photo by cottonbro from Pexels)


Is your dad a gardening kind of guy? What about the other guys on your Father’s Day gift list? Some folks get goodies for their own father, their kids’ father, their stepfather and their grandfather. What does your list look like this year? If you haven’t finalized your selections yet, these six ideas from influencers like Mark Bittman, Nate Berkus and Barbecue Bible author Steve Raichlen can help! One of my sources suggested this nifty tool box that can hold gardening tools just as easily as office or garage tools. Check out all of the ideas here.

Tool boxes make great Father’s Day gifts
(Photo from HAY)


If you’re seriously interested in gardening, this piece on edible plants that help fight disease could be helpful to you, especially in this battle to ward off the novel coronavirus! Check it out here.

Countertop growing kits make gardening easier for healthy eaters without green thumbs or green space.
(Photo: Hamama)


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  • New video on the benefits of anti-fatigue mats
  • Air filtration and COVID-19

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