ADA’s 30th Anniversary and You!

The Americans with Disabilities Act was signed into law 30 years ago. This past Sunday, July 26, was its anniversary date. There’s a lot it made possible and convenient, and even if you’re not one of the millions of Americans who has a physical limitation at this time, you’re benefiting too. Here’s one small example: If you travel with a roller bag or look after a child in a stroller or carriage, ramps are your friend. If your grip isn’t as vice-like as it used to be, or your hands are wet, lever handles are also your friend.

Take a look back and ahead in my latest Forbes.com interviews with five pros whose lives have been impacted by this landmark legislation.

Playing Lt. Dan in Forrest Gump inspired Gary Sinise to build accessible homes for wounded warriors
(Photo Courtesy: Gary Sinise Foundation)

I was honored to be asked by Aspire Magazine to be one of the “Interesting People” host extraordinaire/contributing editor Toma Clark Haines interviewed for her new podcast. Here’s the link to the Covid, Kitchens and Midlife Coping conversation we shared.


I also recently shared wellness tips with a Miami TV audience on the lovely Alena Capra’s SoFlo Home Project show. Segment starts at 14:05 here.


Friday, July 31st, is your last chance to be entered to win a GelPro Elite anti-fatigue mat. All of the details are posted here.


Have you taken the Five Facets of Wellness Design questionnaire yet? Check it out and answer for yourself here.


Five weeks to the publication of my new book! Are you signed up for the Book Launch Circle? You can do that right on this page. Signing up means getting word of special wellness events and giveaways.

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