Add Resilience to Your Home (Bonus Chapter Excerpt) and Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

I’m thrilled to share an excerpt on adding resilience to your home that published Saturday in the San Diego Union-Tribune. The last time I had a piece on the front page of the Home + Garden section was when Wellness by Design published in 2020 and they excerpted the section on creating a home fitness space.

Garage with EV charger and solar panel backup battery storage units. Front of electric car showing.

[Savant Systems, Inc. / Wellness by Design  — Bonus Chapter (© Jamie Gold)]

They also shared information on my book talk at the library next Saturday (May 18), though they left off the RSVP info. (See below)



Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday, so I shared 15 fresh gift ideas on Forbes.com for your mom, your kids’ mom, your stepmom, your grandmom or your furbaby’s mom!

Young blonde mother hugging red-haired daughter on bedPamper Mom on Mother’s Day!
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Click the photo for a link to the library page with map and registration information. You can register by phone (619-475-4642), by emailing the librarian: Elissia.Buell@sdcounty.ca.gov or by stopping in at the branch and registering at the info desk. The address is on the flyer and the pic links to the library page with mapping capability. (This talk will be recorded for future upload!)

Flyer with author photo and kitchen with pull-out desk promoting Five Lessons for How We Live Now talk



If you have a copy of my award-winning 2020 Wellness by Design book from Simon & Schuster, you’re also able to access a FREE copy of my new Bonus Chapter, chock full of timely new information about making your home safer, healthier, more resilient and updated for how we live now!




Gold Dust will return soon with new links!



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