I don’t remember exactly where or when I first discovered the Blue Zones book series, but I was quickly hooked on their concept. To put it simply, researcher Dan Buettner and his team set out to discover why some regions of the world have so many healthy centenarians, and what factors contribute to their fitness and longevity. He calls those regions “blue zones,” and writes books about the many reasons, including environment, diet, social structures and habits, that he believes lead to their extraordinary well-being. So many of these ideas can be implemented here too.

Most of us want to live healthfully into our hundreds too, right? (Or at least remain healthy if we’re fortunate to live that long.) I know I do! So the lessons Buettner offers in his books and his blog posts/newsletter — shared every weekend with his many subscribers — are always must-reads for me. I’ve now had two of my pieces published by Blue Zones, including this past weekend.  I’m extremely proud to share it here with my Gold Notes readers. The piece was inspired by my 15 Summer Fitness Goal Tips, and includes some of them. You can click this link to get the rest of the tips.

Adding movement to your WFH area can help you meet your fitness goals.
(Photograph by Ben Sellon for Fully // Wellness by Design (Tiller Press, 2020) © J. Gold)


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