When I was growing up in Brooklyn, our washer and dryer were located in the finished basement, near the furnace and a three-quarter utility bathroom. It was rather a dreary spot, and two flights down from the bedrooms and linen closet where the baskets would be unloaded.

When my ex and I built our suburban Tampa house in 2003, I wanted the laundry room to be as bright and cheerful as possible. I skirted the utility sink, hung a framed sunny island print on the wall and had white cabinets with stylish knobs installed. We still had to carry laundry baskets up a flight of stairs to the bedrooms, but not two.

If I were building a house tomorrow, I’d opt for a one-story home with laundry area combined with a mud room next to the garage. Many builders are choosing this placement too, with second laundry spaces sited near the bedrooms in larger properties. (I don’t need anything that big!)

Wherever your laundry area is located in your home, it should be as functional and ergonomic as possible. I interviewed three pros to get tips on achieving this for my latest Forbes.com article on the topic, and for today’s Clubhouse WELLNESS WEDNESDAY conversation to follow.

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stylish laundry room

Laundry rooms have evolved into multi-functional spaces
(Photo: BLANCO/Wellness by Design,
Tiller Press, 2020, (c) J. Gold)

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