I get lots of trend reports sent my way. It’s an occupational hazard as a design journalist. No complaints, though. One of the most surprising in a while was the one I got from Houzz.com a few days ago. It showed that despite the pandemic — or maybe because of it! — homeowners are highly interested in improving their homes. Contractors’ phones are ringing off the hook, the home improvement platform reported. I asked myself why this would be so… Aren’t folks worried about losing their jobs? Aren’t they hoarding their cash with all of the uncertainty? Some for sure are, but definitely not everyone.

One of the impacts of Covid is that everyone is spending so much unexpected time at home. Call it a stress test on our living spaces. The contractor leads that Houzz shares point to some areas of interest that definitely tie into wellness design. Take a look for yourself here. And let me know what projects you’re looking at this year. Chances are, I’ve got some tips for you in my upcoming Wellness by Design book, publishing on 9/1.

Inquiries to contractors for deck, patio and porch improvements nearly tripled this Spring over 2019.


Wellness by Design, my third book about home design, got its first write-up this week, and I couldn’t be happier! Check it out here. Then preorder a copy from my book page here.

Wellness by Design book cover


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