What are you grateful for this year? I have so much abundance in my life — great friends, great family, great career, great place to live. I appreciate all of it. I hope you have much to toast tomorrow too. Even just being alive this year is cause for celebration. If you have a table full of loved ones and delicious food tomorrow, enjoy the moment. Then be conscientious…

If you’re a California resident like me, you’ve probably already started diverting your food scraps for composting. The state passed a law that took effect this year, though condo communities like mine aren’t fully implemented yet. If you don’t have a full composting setup like one of my past clients – or a full garden to take advantage of this bounty – your approach is going to be more minimal, like mine.

My latest Forbes.com piece looks at your kitchen-based options for making composting more convenient and, dare I say it, more designer-friendly too!

Kitchen countertop with sink, cutting board and built-in countertop compost receptacle.

Built-in countertop receptacles are a sleek, sustainable option for your remodel
(Photo Courtesy: BLANCO)

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