I couldn’t decide which story to focus on this week, so I’m sharing all three!

Let’s look first at the most design-oriented feature, which was my Trend Spotting look at the 2021 online-only Kitchen & Bath Industry Show. This is online now in the current issue of Kitchen & Bath Design News. Man, that was a tough one to cover! There’s simply no substitute for spending three exhausting days spinning through a convention center inhaling the latest releases. Adding a layer of challenge, the virtual KBIS platform crashed and I had to cobble together impressions from press releases, vendor links and the kindness of colleagues. I sure am looking forward to wearing my a## out next year in Orlando! In the meantime, these were the trends and hot products I was able to spot online.

Personalization and customization are definitely trending this year — as seen in flex front refrigerator panels
(Photo Courtesy: Samsung US)


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