Feng shui has been around for thousands of years. It originated in China, but has enthusiasts throughout the world to this present day — including in the U.S.. I’ve long been curious as to whether it can help with human health, so I did what I usually do when I’m curious about a design topic: I reached out to experts for an article. Here’s what I learned, which might surprise you. It surprised me, and I can definitely see some wellness design potential here.

Truly though, as certified feng shui professional Julie Schuster noted in this piece for Forbes.com, many of its principles overlap good design, wellness design, biophilia, living in place and sustainability. Judge for yourself!

And read about the one area it does not encompass!

A professionally designed living space is enhanced with feng shui principles.


I was glad to be asked to contribute to this Metropolis Magazine/BLANCO-sponsored piece on healthy kitchen sinks. Ergonomics is an essential element of wellness design. See what role your sink plays in creating a healthier, ergonomic kitchen.

Workstation sinks add efficiency to a kitchen
(Photo Courtesy: BLANCO)


I was also glad to share wellness design insights with Brentwood Home in its Invite Nature Indoors post. Contributing writer Danielle Winston shared some great tips on growing plants indoors. (I’m going to have to try some of these!)

Plants add so many wellness benefits to a home!
(Photo Courtesy: BRENTWOOD HOME)


I also shared some wellness design insights with the folks at SmartHouse Collections on the risks of environmental toxins to women’s health. You may not recognize that organic home products brand, but I bet you know the HGTV superstar Carter Oosterhouse! He and his wife Amy created this company.

Toxin-free environments support women’s health


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And you can still download the free healthy home quarantine checklist here.