The floor didn’t look quite right. I spotted some warping that hadn’t been there before. I didn’t notice it at first, since it’s in a hallway that leads to a half bathroom, in front of the laundry closet. It’s the kind of space I tend to walk quickly through, or just plunk a laundry basket onto when I’m loading or unloading the washer and dryer. But it caught my attention one morning a couple of months ago and made me go hmmmm. When I did my weekly laundry load a few days later, I spotted water on the tile floor in front of the washer – not in the metal pan under it designed to catch such leaks, mind you — but on the tile next to and in front of the machines. And most likely behind them too, and definitely under the fancy floor in front of it. Ruh roh.

I’d been here before, about eight or nine years ago. That time, a hose leak didn’t damage the piano gloss oak laminate floor in front of the closet, but seeped through the subfloor down into the garage ceiling below. Same hose issue. Same leak. New year and deductible. I’m determined not to let this happen again! SInce that first leak, new smart home technology has hit the market that lets homeowners spot leaks before they do the kind of damage I’m dealing with now. To help choose the best one from the myriad on the market, I sought out plumbing maven Roger Wakefield of the popular YouTube channel, All About Plumbing.He also owns a Dallas- area sustainability-focused plumbing company. Here’s a link to our conversation via and some related insights on why you might want one of these devices.

For me, it’s about not having another leak, another disruption and another deductible to pay when the memory of this second one has faded. Maybe I can save you from such headaches too. Hope so!

A smart home water detection system can catch appliance leaks before they become insurance claims.
(Photo Courtesy: BLANCO / Wellness by Design, Simon & Schuster/Tiller Press)