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New Kitchen Ideas That Work and the New Bathroom Idea Book

New Kitchen Ideas That Work

“I found it great for inspiration. It also helps you focus on what is more important to concentrate on during your remodel.”

 “We are remodeling our kitchen completely. My husband is doing all of it himself. I felt I needed to be a part of what was happening. This book informed me of what goes into a good kitchen, what my options are, and helped me understand the terms used in creating a great kitchen. I feel a part of a team with my husband now. I’m really glad I read this book! It is easy reading, shows descriptive photos, and doesn’t get too technical.”

“I ordered this book because The Pioneer Woman blog talked about it and it is the best of several kitchen books that I have ordered. Great pics and very up to date with — Amazon

New Bathroom Idea Book

Very informative book. Only downside is I have a lot of projects since my wife read it.”  — Amazon

“I was mainly looking for a bunch of bathroom pictures so I could see possible options, and get an idea of what I like and items to think about. Though I picked it up just for the pictures, I did end up reading it from cover to cover – it provided some nice explanations, items to think about, information on the quality/durability/
pros/cons of materials and setups, etc. Altogether I was very pleased with the book.
Now that I have some ideas, I can do more research online to dig into detail. I would definitely recommend this book as a starting point for ideas.”  Goodreads

“This all-new edition of Bathroom Idea Book will be a homeowner’s first step in turning a dream bath into a real one, whether it’s new construction or a remodel. Thoroughly user friendly in organization and presentation.” 
Midwest Book Review

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