Cersaie Impressions – Scavolini Italian Cabinetry

I was very fortunate to be included in the Ceramics of Italy-sponsored press delegation to Cersaie last month.  This was my second time touring the Bologna, Italy-based mega-show and it did not disappoint.  I will be posting links to my San Diego Union-Tribune favorite tiles and Kitchen & Bath Design News Trend Spotting articles as they publish.

In this Cersaie Impressions – Scavolini post, and in some to follow, I’ll share booths I explored on my own, the day after the three-day Italian tile tour.

You may be familiar with this popular Italian cabinetry manufacturer, as the company has showrooms across North America.  They debuted several intriguing collections at Cersaie, which is about spaces, as well as tiled surfaces.   Here are my thoughts on some of the series shown in Bologna.

Diesel Open Workshop

This collection embodied the dark, industrial theme shown widely at Cersaie this year.  Joinery and finishes were marked by distinctive Steampunk details.  The collection had a ton of personality and some really nice storage.  I particularly liked a tall closed cabinet with ribbed glass double doors.  I could see it being useful for storing all of those items bathrooms need, like extra rolls of toilet tissue, but you don’t necessarily want to see.


Ki Kitchen and Bath 

I really liked the kitchen with its “hidden” storage and fixture layout.  Decorative melamine was used widely here, and with good effect.  There was even a continuation of the overall show’s textile trend with some linen look features.  The element that tied the kitchen and bath collections together was the rectangular bins with curved edges serving as storage containers and sink shapes.


Laundry Space

This is the smartest, most stylish laundry system I’ve seen from a cabinet brand.  The hampers roll, the tops lift up to reveal an ironing board, the walls include shelving and clothes hooks, and the overall look is sleek and sophisticated.  Doing laundry in a good-looking, highly-functional space like this one would make a chore less tedious.


Magnifica and Exclusiva

These bath and kitchen series, respectively, share beautiful beaux art moderne details, like glossy lacquer finishes and decorative hardware.  There are even lovely leather details for more glamour.


Fenix NTM, a new surface I first spotted at Dwell on Design last June, was used for several Scavolini vanity tops with integral sinks.  This new material is essentially a laminate-solid surface hybrid with the repairability that laminate lacks and the soft finish of solid surface.  (Imagine Formica and Corian having a baby.)  I liked seeing it in the collection and hope it gets incorporated into other product lines, as well.



Photo Credits:  All except Fenix NTM image courtesy Scavolini.  Fenix NTM image courtesy Arpa Industriale.


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