Cersaie – Top Products from the Tile and Bath Show

Last week, I posted about the top trends I saw at Cersaie, Italy’s annual tile and bath expo. This week, I’ll share some of the top products I saw at the massive show. My trip to Bologna was sponsored by Ceramics of Italy, the country’s trade representatives, and our group of 30 designers, editors, architects and bloggers was shown acres and acres of fabulous bath wares. We also had some free time, which I used to see more of the show.

Here are the products I thought worth writing about, both from Ceramics of Italy members and other firms.

Floating Tile Floors

Fast by Del Conca was one of my favorite products, and a real game changer. Fast installs as a floating floor, indoors or out, without adhesives or grout. This makes for a faster installation, a seamless look and a low-maintenance alternative to standard tile. It can be used in bathrooms, but not inside of a shower. A company spokesman said they’re looking at a wall tile option, as well as floor, which I would totally love to see for Sensible Style backsplashes and fireplace surrounds.

Click N’Walk from Saime and Icon Outdoor from Casamood, which I shared last week, are also groutless tile options. Icon Outdoor installs on disk-shaped feet. Click N’Walk is another floating system.

Cer Prods - Fast - Del Conca

 Fast system for groutless tiled floors
(Photo Courtesy:  Del Conca)

Thin and Clean

A number of companies around the show floor were showing off tiles with anti-microbial protection built in, including one of the industry leaders, Panaria. (We visited their impressive, high-tech robotic factory while we were in Italy.)

I like this development, and I like the Lea Ceramiche line from Panaria, which offers the Slimtech series of 3 mm ultra-thin porcelain tiles, as well as a series of cool and warm woods called Type 32. Great looks, thin style and anti-bacterial, too: win!

Cer Prods - Microban - Lea Ceramiche

Sleeker, thinner, cleaner tile
(Photo Courtesy:  Lea Ceramiche)

Shower Innovation

Hansgrohe has decided to integrate light and water in their new LED-powered Lamp Shower. Its quirky look will fit steampunk, modern and eclectic projects and its innovative design will help avoid showering nicks, while keeping your bath lighting stylish.

Cer Products - LampShower - Axor

It’s a lamp, it’s a shower head, it’s LampShower
(Photo Courtesy: Axor by Hansgrohe)

Jewelry for Walls and Floors

Mirage’s Jewel series reminded me of Caesearstone’s drop-dead beautiful Concetto, which I’ve written about extensively. This porcelain surface can work on floors and walls, whereas Concetto is designed for countertops. I haven’t seen the pricing yet, but I suspect it will be quite a bit more affordable, too.

Cer Products - Jewel Mirage

Elegant, jeweled tile walls or floors
(Photo Courtesy:  Mirage)

Mosaic Breakdown

I’ve always liked the broken plate look in mosaics – I even had them in a backsplash project in my book. Now you can get that look without cracking a single dish! Spain’s artisinal Ceramica Elias, which I visited last year on my Cevisama trip, has introduced a sheet-mounted tile that reproduces the look without damaging your heirloom china.

Cer Prods - Ceramica Elias

No dishes were broken
in the making of this tile
(Photo:  Jamie Gold)


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