Cevisama – Top Products from Spanish Tile and Bath Show

Last week, I blogged about the top trends I spotted at Cevisama, Spain’s annual tile and bath trade show. The week before, I mused about the evolution of Russia as an over-the-top tile market. This time around, I’d like to share some of my favorite products from the show floor.

As I’ve mentioned twice before – and it bears repeating – ASCER, the Spanish tile trade council, represented in the U.S. as Tile of Spain, sponsored our press group and took us to visit their member booths at the show. I did get some free time to browse the show floor on my own. Much of what I saw was similar to the booths we toured as a group. Others featured products that will never cross our shores.

Many of the trends I pointed out last week are paired with nifty products, too. Here are some I particularly liked. (FYI, I’m saving a couple for upcoming Molten Gold posts!)

As I noted in my Cevisama trends post, wood look tiles were everywhere! I particularly liked the inclusion of marquetry, something I hadn’t seen before, in Vives‘ Urbino line.

Another widespread trend was the return of the hexagon tile. Plaza gave it a fresh update in Genesis series’ cocoa and coordinating cream.

Natucer gave old world brick a new face with its Adobe rustic series. It looks even better in real life!

I had to look at this Keraben New York series mylar-inspired tile mural a few times to decide if I really liked it. Well, guess what. I did. It’s delicate and pretty, even if a bit old school.

Apavisa‘s Nano Evolution series included some of my favorite offerings at the show. I loved these handmade decos and could see using them in so many projects! Elegant and rustic in delicious detail!

Their Arch Concept series was also striking. I loved the patina-ed finish and geometric texture of this series.

Altto Glass showed off some handsome texture of its own with this Isis line. Their glass is recycled. The style is not.

Natucer also created a fresh, fun 3D look with its Volumen series. Loved this look!

For more top products, please visit my Cevisama Past, Wallpaper– and Tech-inspired Ideabooks on Houzz.com.

Photos — I took all of these photos on my iPhone 4S.


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