Double Trouble: Wellness Design and Outdoor Living!

I’ve been writing Trend Spotting for Kitchen & Bath Design News, a leading industry  magazine, for seven and a half years. You can read the newest stories on my Print Publications page. I’ve also shared many of them in past issues of this blog.  My latest piece looks at what’s happening in outdoor living. Even though it’s written for designers, retailers, builders, architects and contractors, the information can also be helpful for homeowners wanting to improve their outdoor living spaces. (That’s a huge trend all by itself — especially during a pandemic that’s keeping people at home.) You can read it here.

If you’re on Clubhouse — my favorite new audio-only social platform — you can join a conversation I’ll be co-hosting with KB Designers Network leader Janice Costa and one of my contributors to the KBDN article, Kimberly Kerl of Kustom Home Design, about outdoor living for wellness design tomorrow at 7:30 ET/4:30 PT. Here’s a link to participate.

Outdoor living has come a long way from garden center grills!
(Courtesy of Reisa Pollard of Beyond Beige Interior Design /
Photos by Amanda Oster & Stephen Li)


I was honored to be asked to write a feature for KBDN this month too. I was told by a colleague that when the editors were looking at covering the latest info on wellness design, my name came up first. It’s a real thrill to be thought of that way! Here’s the Home & Wellness piece, and, shown below, a very cool product suggested by one of my contributors.

Click on the link above to read about this fascinating new wellness product!
(Courtesy of Zerobody at Snyder Diamond)



Curious about what excites Millennials and Zoomers design-wise? I shared the 30s Choice Awards in my latest Forbes.com piece. These are 30 kitchen and bath industry professionals, all in their 20s, sharing their favorite products from this year’s Kitchen & Bath Industry Show. You can read it here.



I just created a new Wellness Wednesdays club on the Clubhouse app and scheduled a quick welcome conversation for Wednesday, May 19, 4:30p PT / 7:30p ET. I hope you can join and participate. There’s no charge for either. This first convo is going to be a casual, come-as-you-are, voice-only chat about healthy homes we love, live in and love!  If you’re wondering what Clubhouse is, my twin descriptions are 1) interactive micro-podcasting and 2) talk radio without the toxicity. You access Clubhouse from your smart phone, iOS or Android. No camera needed, so you can chat in your cheetah jammies if you want.


Are you on Instagram? I’m a more recent arrival to this platform, but I do share my #Kili2021 hiking adventures, as well as my #FridayFlowers posts and other fun photos there.  You can find my musings and hashtags here.

This was my biggest hike ever — but a day in the park compared to December’s planned Kilimanjaro (#Kili2021) trek!



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