Eating healthier — and losing weight as a result — is another of the most popular New Year’s resolutions, and another that’s tough to keep long term. In order to lose weight, you need to eat healthfully and exercise. You know that already, right? But you keep losing and gaining back the weight. Many of us do. It’s frustrating as all get out, isn’t it? I know how it feels and I’ve had success in not gaining back the 100 pounds I lost eight years ago. The insights I share in this article, and in the book I’m writing for Simon & Schuster, are not geared toward a specific diet or exercise plan. I leave those to nutrition experts and fitness pros. I have a different set of tools to share with you — likely tools you haven’t considered before that can make the difference in your success. We’ll focus on healthful eating this week and exercise next week. The last in the series will focus on sleep — another essential of healthy weight loss that many don’t think about.

Eating healthier where ever you go

When you think about food, what comes to mind? Restaurant dinners with friends? Takeout? There are healthier options to help you succeed at your resolution. Food is the fuel for your exercise — and for your life. Given its importance, I asked a top nutrition expert for professional sports teams and the author of The New Power Eating, Dr. Susan Kleiner, for her insights. She was generous in sharing them. Dr. Kleiner talks about the mindset and changes you need to make to succeed at this challenging goal.

She and I share insights on how your kitchen can help you achieve your healthful eating goals. Bottom line: You don’t need to remodel or buy a ton of gear. Some basic tools and a reorganization can give you an advantage in preparing healthier meals at home and snacks for work and travel. If you are thinking about making some changes, the ideas in this piece can guide you toward those that can make meal prep faster, easier, more convenient and safer. They can also speed up your post-meal kitchen cleaning chore so you have more time to do what you love doing!

Here’s the scoop on succeeding at your weight loss and healthy eating resolution this year.

eating healthier in the kitchen
Two of the latest kitchen organizer types hold plants and prep tools.

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