Designing Guest Suites for Holiday Company

I have a favorite annual tradition with an old friend from my LA days. We’ve known and supported each other for 31 years. With the exception of 2020’s worst Thanksgiving ever, he has spent every one of those long holiday weekends with me since I moved to San Diego in 2010. When I’m looking for feedback on the comfort of my guest suite, he’s one of the overnight visitors I ask.

Who helps you make your guest accommodations better, healthier, safer, more comfortable and enjoyable? The tips I share from my own experience and three pros — one designer, one chef and one burnout coach — can be that extra help you need this season. Here’s a link to my latest Design Milk piece.

Luxurious organic sheets pamper guests.
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Amazon has a fabulous SALE going on right now for my Wellness by Design book, making it your easiest holiday gift for friends, family members, teachers and everyone else on your list! Each chapter has FREE or low-cost home improvements someone can add even if renting! Here’s one example:


If you’re not in a position to change the flooring in your kitchen, add an anti-fatigue mat to the space where you stand the longest.



Clubhouse Update

Have you started thinking about your New Year’s Resolutions for 2022 yet? My next WELLNESS WEDNESDAYS Clubhouse event on 12/15 will look at the most popular goals and show you ways your home can help you achieve them. (Most people fail, not for lack of effort, but because they haven’t set the scene for success.) It’ll be a good opportunity to ask your questions and share your own ideas. It starts at 4 pm Eastern / 1 pm Pacific. Hope you’ll come check it out — no hair or makeup fixes needed!


Here are links to Clubhouse recordings from past sessions:


Twitter Event Preview

I’m delighted to be guest-hosting another @KBtribechat today (12/8) at 2 PM Eastern/11 AM Pacific. The sponsor is Duravit. The topic is Luxury Bathrooms (With Wellness Design Emphasis). You can participate here.

Photo Courtesy: Duravit 


YouTube Update

Check out my Clubhouse video preview, highlighting what’s coming for January to March 2022 here.

Have you caught my 10 Healthy Home Holiday Gift Ideas video yet? This FAST FACTS clip is two minutes of popular gifts — and bonus retail and online shopping tips!



These links will return soon!





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Designing Guest Suites for Holiday Company - Who helps you make your guest accommodations better, healthier, safer, more comfortable and enjoyable? The tips I share from my own experience and three pros -- one designer, one chef and one burnout coach -- can be that extra help you need this season. Continue Reading
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