Experts Share Advice On Making Homes Safer And More Comfortable For People With Dementia

I’m extremely fortunate that neither of my parents suffered from any forms of dementia, but my sister and I are in our 60s now and not immune. I hope we continue unimpaired – and that you and your loved ones do too. Unfortunately, the number of Americans impacted by this condition will nearly triple in the next four decades. What can we do to help in the meantime? According to the three experts I interviewed for my latest Forbes.com wellness design article, quite a bit! Most important, we can help our loved ones stay independent in their own homes longer. Read about how here. Then join us this afternoon for a Clubhouse conversation here.

Apartment designed for people with Alzheimers. Room shows couch, TV, bed, bedside chair, table and chairs.

Apartment at Alzheimer’s Foundation of America’s for people with dementia
(Photo: Alzheimer’s Foundation of America // Rosemary Bakker – Designer)




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