20 Wellness Design Gifts For Father’s Day 2021

OK, I’ll admit it: I miss my Dad. It’s the fourth Father’s Day I haven’t been able to share with him in person or by phone. I truly miss those visits and conversations! If you have a great (or OK) dad — or celebrate the observance with one — here are 20 ideas on gifts to enhance his physical and emotional well-being from my latest Forbes.com piece. There are splurge gifts, (some you can enjoy together, like this fire table from Room and Board if you share a home) and some simpler ones too you can send him if he lives in another state.

A fire table (or fire pit, fire bowl or fireplace) is a splendid Father’s Day gift idea!
(Photo: Room and Board)


If your Dad is health-conscious and loves books, as mine did, may I suggest that my WELLNESS BY DESIGN book makes a great, easy gift to give!  Visit its page (linked to the left) for ordering options, reviews and excerpts.



I love podcasts and was delighted to spend time talking about my wellness journey with REAL FIT recently. We talked about how an “every-Boomer” like me could become an athlete in my 50s and how my living space has played such a strong supporting role. You can listen here.

There are new sessions scheduled (and planned) for my Wellness Wednesdays club on the Clubhouse app. These will be scheduled for 4 PM Eastern/1 PM Pacific the first and third week of the month! Here’s what’s scheduled or planned into the Fall. Hope you’ll join us for one or more. In case you can’t make it, I’ll be sharing links to the recordings afterward, as you’ll see below.



I’m a pretty avid reader on wellness-related topics and decided to share some of the riches I’m finding with my Gold Notes readers. Here are some links you might find interesting and helpful from a variety of sources.



Here are some nuggets for my colleagues in the design and remodeling industries:






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