Guest Post – Ryan Fasan on Cevisama and 2015 Tile Trends

I had the great pleasure of meeting Ryan Fasan, technical consultant to Tile of Spain and senior partner in Professional Attention to Tile Installations, on a press tour of Cevisama a few years ago.  Cevisama, which takes place in Spain every year, is one of the top global markets for porcelain and ceramic tile, and it’s where so many of the trends that end up in showrooms here in the U.S. start.


Ceracasa is one of the Tile of Spain-member brands at Cevisama
(Photo Courtesy: Ceracasa)

Since that shared trip, where Ryan gave us all the benefit of his knowledge and company, he has become my go-to guy for all things porcelain and ceramic.  You’ll see his name on my Gold Notes adviser list (in the right column), in my articles and in the Acknowledgements of my first book, New Kitchen Ideas That Work, (Taunton Press).   You’ll also see him in the Acknowledgements of my second Taunton book, publishing in 2016!

I asked Ryan to share his favorite products and trends from this year’s Cevisama expo and he graciously accepted.

Mix & Match Trend

The latest development in the ‘mash-up’ phenomenon (remixing two previous styles to create a third), the spirit of this trend is, as the name says, all about mixing and matching. Materials, textures, colors, format and patterns are all combined to create a unique and personalized space. The versatility of ceramic tiles allows for this technique to be applied to a living room floor or the backsplash of a kitchen, combining them with other materials in order to highlight the personal design aesthetic of the homeowners.

Halc¢n Cer†micas_Serie Moments

Mixing and matching tiles allows for space definition without walls
(Photo Courtesy: Halcón Cerámicas – Moments series)

Mirrored Finishes

Ceramic tiles are creating a great impact with the new combinations of mirror-effect metalized options. The advent of metallic inks as well as the resurgence of classic specialty glazes is bringing these looks to modern and artisanal collections. This trend is ideal for mosaics to add that little bit of dazzle within a matrix to draw the eye. When applied to certain walls in a room they can bring a shine to all the elements in the space. This trend is ideal for the more cosmopolitan-styled homes.


Mirrored finishes add dimension to a room, making it appear larger
(Photo Courtesy: Dune Cerámica –Copper Mirror series)

Geometric Tile Trend

Both floor and wall ceramic tiles have ventured into the world of geometry in a return to the honeycomb design. The shapes traced by these hexagonal or octagon and dot formats open up a multitude of aesthetic and composition options. For more modern riffs we are seeing the traditional shapes elongated into more rectangular formats while the retro looks favor the traditional square base. If the tiles are finished with a range of patterns and prints that form a random composition, then the sense of natural contemporary spontaneity is further enhanced.

Natucer_Serie Modeli

 Hexagonal tile design adds an element of whimsy to a room
(Photo Courtesy of: Natucer– Modeli Series)

Neo-rustic Trend

Wood effect floor tiles in a plank format with shade variation transmit a ‘lived-in’ feel to any space. These collections form the perfect setting for pure and simple furniture and décors. This ‘well-loved’ look so familiar in denim is making its way from wood into multiple other material looks now. Some of the most prevalent and effective are cotto, patina on metals and even classic marbles.

Bestile_Serie Urales

Neo-rustic floor tiles make a home look both cozy and modern
(Photo Courtesy: Bestile – Urales Series)

Classic Elegance

High-gloss floor tiles inspired by natural stone in pure shades of white and grey add a sense of serene distinction to the rooms in which they are laid. These ceramic tiles have such a strong personality that they become the focal point of any room. There is a distinct return to the timeless stones like Calacatta & Crema Marfil but keep an eye out for some dazzling onyx looks too!   (JG Note: I love these in formal living spaces, but recommend against using them in a room where bathing or showering take place; wet feet and slick tiles are not a safe combination unless treated for slip resistance.)

Ceracasa - Serie Absolute

Show-stopping tiles add an elegant feel to the room
(Photo Courtesy: Ceracasa– Absolute Series)


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