I’m excited to share that my third book, Healthy Living/Healthy Home, will publish in June 2020. I’m not announcing the publisher’s name yet, but it’s one you’d easily recognize! Here’s a bit about what’s to come:

Can your home help you lose weight, achieve your fitness goals, and live a longer, healthier life? Yes, it can! This new book concept by Certified Kitchen Designer and author of New Kitchen Ideas That Work and the New Bathroom Idea Book Jamie Gold, CKD, CAPS will share a room-by-room look at how to create a healthier home for everyone from Millennials to Boomers to Seniors. Here are a few simple tips:

  • Kitchen – Replace a microwave with a combi-steam oven for cooking healthier meals and reheating them later; this popular chef tool will do all the same tasks except make microwave popcorn, and that’s a poor snack choice anyway.
  • Bathroom – Consider replacing a standard showerhead with a handheld massaging model for relieving sore muscles after a run or weight-training session.
  • Bedroom – Many adults get too little sleep and light pollution is part of the problem. Blackout panels will dramatically reduce outside glare and save energy at the same time.

Steam cooking can help you achieve your cooking goals
(Photo Courtesy: Miele)