Here’s How Gen Z Can Become Homeowners (And Why They Should)

My parents bought the house I grew up in when they were in their 20s. It was the 1950s, they were post-war newlyweds looking forward to starting a family, like millions of other Americans. I don’t recall whether my mom was already pregnant with my older sister when their $25,000 offer on a Dutch Colonial in Brooklyn was accepted, but they knew it would be a great house to raise kids. That four bedroom home with a finished basement and side yard for us to play in was located in walking distance to the highly-rated public schools that we attended.

Their purchase price is the equivalent of about $285,000 today – a fairly easy sum for many buyers to handle, but far below the current average $349,329 home price, not to mention New York City prices. However, that  Brooklyn home last sold for $1.25 million in 2018, and is worth more now, five years later. There aren’t many 20-somethings who can afford even the down payment and closing costs on a home like that today.

What my parents’ generation knew, (like those before and afterward), is that there are many benefits to owning a home, both financial and not. That’s why I’m so passionate about young parents being able to become homeowners today too. Here’s what the experts I interviewed had to say about why, and how, to achieve this. Please pass it along to any young friends or family members who can take advantage of its resources.

Black and white photo from the 1950s of Brooklyn, NY home in winter.

Well-worn photo of my childhood home in Brooklyn, NY
(Photographer: Unknown)



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