2021 Holiday Post

It’s been quite a year, hasn’t it? Despite all of the dreadful news from January 2021 to today, I hope you and your loved ones have been safe and healthy. And I hope you continue to be in 2022. I’m doing everything I can to stay both “life positive” and Covid negative. Wishing my readers the same for this next spin around the sun.

Here are some of the highlights I’ve celebrated this year:

Let’s celebrate the start of a new year!
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There won’t be a new post next week, but GOLD NOTES will return with exciting new content on January 5. In the meantime, there’s a new FREE DOWNLOAD to help you make your New Year’s Resolutions successful.

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And here’s a link to listen to last week’s Clubhouse conversation on achieving your New Year’s resolutions if you missed it live. It can definitely give you the boost you need for success, (especially if you’re one of the 92 percent of Americans who hasn’t completed past resolutions).

Here is a preview of some 2022 GOLD NOTES highlights:

  • I’ll be sending along a new post the first week of January that will look at wellness design trends for the New Year. You won’t want to miss that, especially if you’re planning to buy or build a new home or improve the one you’ve got.
  • January 19’s post will look at creating healthy pantry spaces, a trend that emerged during the pandemic. (One of the contributors will be a noted chef, so expect some pro kitchen planning tips!)
  • February 2’s post will focus on new smart home technology releases that support residents’ health and well-being. One of my contributors to that one focuses on caring for elderly parents, so if you’re a caregiver, you’re not going to want to miss that one!
  • I’m especially excited about February 16’s special topic. I’ll be writing about how wellness design can support families with neuro-divergent members, including autistic children and adults.

Look for a year of GOLD NOTES posts to help you live your healthiest, happiest life at home.


In the meantime, please stay well!





Jamie signing off for 2021
From my Chez J Home Office
San Diego



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Jamie Gold, CKD, CAPS,  MCCWC

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