Wellness Benefits of Home Fitness Spaces

Since my gym closed last March when the pandemic hit our country, I’ve been exercising at home. I quickly asked a trainer friend of mine who is also a serious hiker and endurance athlete to convert my Kilimanjaro gym workout to a home setting. He agreed to do so, suggested which dumbbells and resistance bands I should get, and began coaching me in my living room via Zoom. After the first few months, I transitioned to using his custom workouts on my own, sometimes working out with a friend virtually. I’ve been really surprised by how effective this program has been, and how much I’ve been enjoying it.  Have you been working out from home during the pandemic too? Lots of folks have, because home workout equipment has been selling like crazy for the past year.

If, like me, you’re ready to transition from a temporary workout space at home to a more permanent solution, my latest piece for Design Milk will share a bunch of tips to make it healthier, more functional and safer.

Home gym equipment sales have soared during the pandemic.
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Do you enjoy gardening? If so, my latest piece for Forbes.com on the wellness secrets of growing food plants at home could be of interest. I might try some of these tricks myself. I don’t have a green thumb, but I’ve been more successful than I’d expected with my houseplants this past year. Maybe there’s hope for me yet! Click the highlighted text or here to read it.


So this happened last Friday! My garage went from formerly organized to fantastically reorganized, from cluttered to calm! Here’s the post shared by the organizers I hired, two local moms. You can see the before pics there too. It’s so much nicer to come home to, and so much faster and easier to take off for a training hike too. Yay, Tidee Foxes.



I shared my suggestion for wireless earbuds with Thrillist. You can read all of the top choices here.

Do you belong to a book club? If so, let me know if you’re interested in having me do a virtual visit to talk about wellness at home. My contact info is here.



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