Quitting smoking is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions — and one of the most frequently failed. It takes more than sheer willpower for most people to succeed at beating their nicotine habit, which can be very discouraging. The insights from a top Mayo Clinic specialist that I share in my latest article for Forbes.com can help support your healthy goal. So can harnessing the power of your home.

This week, I launched a series of New Year’s resolutions articles on Forbes.com to address the four most common health-related goals, with insights from health professionals and related wellness design strategies to help you succeed. I wanted to start with smoking for two reasons. First, it’s the goal that can help your health the most. Second, it’s the hardest to keep and I want to arm you with some new weapons in your battle to quit.

It’s likely that you haven’t ever sought to harness the power of your home in helping you succeed in your health-related resolutions. Maybe this added X factor can help you quit smoking, eat healthier, increase your exercise in a day or sleep more (and better). I hope so!

Here’s to a happy, healthy 2020!

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Can replacing your favorite “smoking chair” help you kick the habit?
(Photo Courtesy: Getty Images/Forbes.com)

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