Industry Leader Cites Four Wellness Design Innovation Trends For 2021

What are the pros seeing in the wellness design world? I recently had the opportunity to direct that question to one of the leading experts in the field: American Society of Interior Designers’ Director of Research Dr. Susan Chung. The subject of my latest Forbes.com piece was the four innovations she sees as driving trends for 2021 and having staying power beyond this year. You can read that here. I agree with her, and plan to incorporate those four in my next home.


Antimicrobial innovations, like the fabric refresher, are trending.



At the moment, I’m in “mess-crow” status, as I call it. We’re waiting for the seller of the home I put an offer in on a few weeks ago to respond to our request for repairs. There are quite a few needed! Some are potentially big. Some are small, but they all add up. As I’ve shared with friends and family all keeping fingers crossed for me, I’m concerned about buying a money pit.

That being said, I love the layout of this four bedroom, three bath detached home. It has everything I’ve been looking for, including a fenced yard, which was a top priority. My current townhouse, AKA Chez J, does not, and the pandemic made me pine for one even more than I did previously! (Two of the potentially big repair items are the nonworking gas firepit and built-in grill.) The house also has a good-sized room next to the primary bedroom suite that can be turned into a wellness/fitness area. That was another pandemic wish list item. Before Covid, I’d work out at the gym. This past year, I’ve surprisingly enjoyed working out at home, but I don’t have the room here. I’ve been keeping my workout gear in a corner near the sofa, and pull it out the two evenings I do strength training. I’d like to have a dedicated storage spot for it, and a dedicated space to workout that isn’t my living room!



I was thrilled and honored by this new five-star Amazon review:

Extremely informative book full of great ideas for the home regardless of where you may be in your home upgrade process. I completed a gut and remodel of my small home a few years ago and vowed not to make any changes or spend another dollar on it for at least a decade; however, this book convinced me otherwise. I implemented several of its suggestions on how to organize and personalize my home which indeed contributed to my contentment with a smile; likewise, I also made some of the suggested small inexpensive upgrades which improved my physical comfort and sense of security. I highly recommend this book. You will be challenged to read it and not desire to go forward with at least a few positive changes to your home. (Verified Purchaser, 4/7/2021, Lisa Edenhofer).
If you haven’t read it yet, you can check out two excerpts! Here’s one about creating a home fitness space from the San Diego Union-Tribune and here’s one on updating your primary bathroom from Connecticut Cottages & Gardens’ 2021 Design Guide (scroll to pages 76 to 77 to read it).



  • Our next Clubhouse wellness design event will be Thursday, May 13, 7:30 PM Eastern/4:30 Pacific. The topic will be outdoor living. Our special guest will be design-builder Kimberly Kerl of Kustom Home Design. Kim shared some gorgeous projects with my for my May KBDN Trend Spotting. I know she’ll be sharing some great ideas and insights in this hour-long audio chat next month.
  • Our June Clubhouse wellness design event will be Thursday, June 10, 7:30 PM Eastern/4:30 Pacific. The topic for that one will be health-enhancing fixtures and faucets. Our special guest will be Kym Glazer with the Decorative Plumbing & Hardware Association. Kym literally grew up in the business, knows everyone and is a ton of fun.
  • Our July Clubhouse wellness design event will be Thursday, July 8, 7:30 PM Eastern/4:30 Pacific. The topic for that one will be wellness design for the luxury homeowner. Our special guest will be my best friend of 30 years/trade show “husband” and leading Los Angeles area architect Dean Larkin.




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