New Year’s Resolutions for your Kitchen

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a healthy and happy holiday season.  Chances are, your kitchen played a starring role.  How did it do?  Oscar or Onion?

Regardless of how much entertaining you did at home last year, you probably used your kitchen every day, even if it was just to make coffee or nuke your take-out leftovers.

Kitchens are central to most of our lives and well-being.  Here are some resolutions to make yours better in 2015, even if you don’t plan to remodel it.


Kitchens are the heart of our home
(Photo Courtesy: AGA Ranges)


  • Get a fire extinguisher , know how to use it and keep it nearby.
  • If your vent hood works, start using it.  If it doesn’t, replace or repair it.
  • If you have tile floors, get yourself an anti-fatigue mat and put it where you stand the longest.
  • If you have natural stone countertops like granite, re-seal them.
  • Go through your cabinets and relocate any items you don’t regularly use.  Items you use seasonally can either move into the cabinets above the refrigerator or range hood if you have a lot of storage available, or to the garage if you don’t. Items you once liked but never use can get donated to charity.  Items that are damaged can either get repaired, recycled or tossed into the trash.
  • Add organizers to your cabinetry.  These will help you find things faster and that, in turn, can help you cook and eat more at home, which is healthier for you.
  • If you don’t currently recycle, start!  A pull-out recycling bin can make it convenient to toss in all of the metal, plastic and glass containers you would otherwise contribute to landfills.   They’re reasonably-priced and a skilled do-it-yourselfer or handyman can get one installed in less than an hour.

If you do plan to remodel your kitchen, please consider my book or design consulting services to ensure your best result!

Here are some resolutions for your bathrooms, as well.


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