NIFTY NUGGETS – Magnetic Switch Plate Covers for Clean Style

Nifty Nuggets is an occasional series about the little details that make your designs more sublime.  I came across one last week at a local tile expo.

Questech, a Vermont-based manufacturer I wasn’t familiar with, makes attractive switch plate covers for your outlets and light switches that stay in place magnetically.  There are no screw holes or screws to clutter up their look.  They come in numerous finishes, configurations and sizes to fit most design needs.

These Nifty Nuggets are offered through the company’s Sandgate brand and are available through your design pro or tile showrooms.

Questech Bronze

Bronze switch plate cover coordinates with bronze tile accents
(Photo Courtesy: Questech)



Magnetic triplex outlet cover brushed nickel
(Photo Courtesy: Questech)


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