Protecting Your Home From Extreme Heat Damage

We know what heat does to our bodies, but what about our homes? Surely, there’s an impact to relentless hot weather assaults on our roof, foundation, siding, patio and even interiors. We already know that high temps make our air conditioning systems work harder. Does it make their lives shorter too? Quite possibly.

Here’s what to know and, more important, what to do if you live with increasing temperatures in your area. (One of the examples shared in this article was of a roof melting in Glasgow, Scotland. That is nowhere near the sunbelt!)

You can read this new piece here.

Bedroom with gray and white patterned blackout draperies, white bed and nightstand with plant.

Blackout window coverings can reduce the load on your air conditioning system and protect your home’s flooring, art and personal comfort level.



Before August ends, I want to take a moment to celebrate five years this month of becoming a Forbes.com residential real estate contributor. I’ve written about 300 pieces for them since then focused on healthy homes and housing topics. In that time, I’ve shared many of them here too. I hope you find the articles valuable! Thanks for reading.



Add a dishwasher to your smallest kitchen spaces!
(Photo Courtesy: Fotile)

The summer is drawing to a close, with its official end of season Labor Day weekend fast approaching. Have you been enjoying long, fun days with your family and friends at your second home? I was blessed to enjoy summers at our Catskills bungalow as a kid. My memories include all the great outdoor activities (berry picking, fishing, swimming) with my cousins, but I also remember my mom washing dishes by hand in the kitchen after every meal. I think she would have really enjoyed having one of these Fotile 2-in-1 Sink Dishwashers. (I know my amazingly handy dad would have easily installed one for her!)

Mom didn’t get to enjoy the saved time and convenience in those long summer vacations, but you can. If you have a vacation home, in-law suite, ADU or even an RV, this new fixture can make your life so much easier! (I enjoyed something like this in the tiny condo I rented when I first moved to San Diego; it was great not having to hand-wash dishes!)

For more info on specs and availability, visit the Fotile site. You can buy one there, or through your neighborhood Lowe’s.



white bathroom with steam shower, wall-hung vanity and floor-to-ceiling door to garden outside.

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