Resilience Features Can Help Protect Your Home from Natural Disasters

What was the scariest thing you saw on Halloween yesterday? If it was your homeowner’s insurance bill, my latest article on resilience measures to improve your home’s ability to withstand a disaster could be helpful. There’s a section on potential discounts from insurers.

There are also lots of tips for improvements to make your home more resilient against hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires and earthquakes. Check it out here.

Garage with EV charger and solar panel backup battery storage units. Front of electric car showing.
A battery backup/storage system can help you in a power outage.
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Another American community, this time in Lewiston, Maine, has been devastated by a mass shooting. My heart goes out to them. And to everyone hurting at this senseless loss of life, wherever you live. I’ve written about gun violence before. Perhaps these posts can provide some comfort or resource. I hope so!



Promotion for Wellness by Design book bonus chapter with original cover featuring kitchen sink with herb holder.

When I wrote my latest book and sent in the final manuscript, I had no idea that a pandemic was going to be hitting us in a matter of weeks. (WELLNESS BY DESIGN published in September 2020 when we were deep into it.)

We’ve experienced a great deal of national crises in the three years since  – including some of the worst wildfires and hurricanes – so I thought a bonus chapter would be helpful for readers. Here are some of the topics that are covered:

  • Adding resilience to your home
  • Insights and benefits of multi-generational living
  • Tips on noise reduction
  • How and why to create flex spaces
  • Importance of access to nature
  • New advances in smart home technology – what’s next!

Click here to find out how to get your FREE copy of the Bonus Chapter!



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