Resilience Lessons for Older Adults!

The first time I tracked a hurricane, I was alone in Tampa with my young stepdaughter. My then-husband was away on a work trip. I was prepared, but scared anyway! I was still a relatively new Floridian and it was the first big storm threatening to slam into our region. It turned south and hit as a Category Four two hours away. (I later worked on a rebuild from that storm.)

You can imagine my surprise to find myself tracking another hurricane in San Diego! Those were not supposed to happen here. This time I was alone and prepared, (since I keep a wildfire/earthquake kit ready). Hurricane Hilary mostly missed us, hitting south and heading east of our area. I was lucky again.

There have been so many disasters across the country these past few years that I included resilience as one of the key sections in my Wellness by Design book Bonus Chapter.

Here are tips for the older adults in your life – particularly those living far away, possibly alone, or possibly you. I wrote the article for the PBS-owned Next Avenue website here. I hope you find it valuable.

street with homes and shops

Disasters can impact someone’s community support system, not just their home
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Are you planning to get fit in the new year, get organized, start a new business, eat healthier or sleep better? Whatever resolutions you’re setting for 2024, my Wellness by Design book can help you succeed by making your home your ally! So many people fail because their home spaces sabotage, rather than support, their success.



Promotion for Wellness by Design book bonus chapter with original cover featuring kitchen sink with herb holder.

When I wrote my latest book and sent in the final manuscript, I had no idea that a pandemic was going to be hitting us in a matter of weeks. (WELLNESS BY DESIGN published in September 2020 when we were deep into it.)

We’ve experienced a great deal of national crises in the three years since  – including some of the worst wildfires and hurricanes – so I thought a bonus chapter would be helpful for readers. Here are some of the topics that are covered:

  • Adding resilience to your home
  • Insights and benefits of multi-generational living
  • Tips on noise reduction
  • How and why to create flex spaces
  • Importance of access to nature
  • New advances in smart home technology – what’s next!

Click here to find out how to get your FREE copy of the Bonus Chapter!



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Here’s wishing you a happy, healthy 2024!
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