Seven Outdoor Living Trends For 2021

The pandemic has upended many aspects of our lives, but it has also reinforced the sheer delight of outdoor living. Those who have private outdoor space on the other side of their doors are especially fortunate right now. Depending on the size, features and layout of that space, you can exercise, dine, swim or gather with socially-distanced friends. At the very least, you can step outside your home for a moment to quietly de-stress.

My suburban townhouse, known to Gold Notes readers as Chez J, has a postage stamp-sized patio accessible from my office slider or nearby front door. Its half wall doesn’t provide much in the way of privacy or security, but I like to sit there and contemplate life. For the first four and a half years I lived here, it remained completely empty, mocking me whenever I looked outside. I didn’t want to put valuable pieces on the patio, given the lack of security, but I did fill the space with two comfy easy chairs, a side table, outdoor pillows and rug, an AC unit screen and two planters. When I’m sitting there, I can’t be seen by passersby and I can enjoy the chirping of nearby birds or the stars on clear nights.

I’ve been house shopping for a new home with a completely private fenced yard, but inventory in our area is practically non-existent. These are the outdoor living trends I’m looking at incorporating when I do find my next place. I shared seven of them in my latest Forbes.com piece.

Outdoor kitchen with firetable and seating

Fire features are definitely an outdoor trend for extending comfort into chillier days and nights



Here are the first three Forbes.com articles in the 2021 Design Trends series, in case you missed them in recent Gold Notes‘ posts:



Connecticut Design Guide covers

Click the link and go to pages 76-77 for a Wellness by Design book excerpt.

  • I was thrilled to have my book excerpted in Connecticut Cottages & Garden’s 2021 Design Guide. You can read about enhancing your main bathroom suite on this link, then going to pages 76-77.
  • Four-star Goodreads review: “I’m very happy that the author made a big point about chemicals and volatile organic compounds off gassing from carpets, furnishings and other materials. I’ve not read any home design books that discuss indoor air quality.” (Lisd

Find out why Wellness by Design has an 85% excellent rating on Amazon! (That’s 77% five-star and 8% four-star reviews!), why it made multiple best 2020 book lists, and read an extra excerpt here on creating a fitness space in your home.



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Seven Outdoor Living Trends For 2021 - I've been house shopping for a new home with a completely private fenced yard, but inventory in our area is practically non-existent. These are the outdoor living trends I'm looking at incorporating when I do find my next place. I shared seven of them in my latest Forbes.com piece. Continue Reading
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