Thanksgiving Edition – Why You Might Want Kitchen Composting Convenience


What are you grateful for this year? I have so much abundance in my life — great friends, great family, great career, great place to live. I appreciate all of it. I hope you have much to toast tomorrow too. Even just being alive this year is cause for celebration. If you have a table full of loved ones and delicious food tomorrow, enjoy the moment. Then be conscientious…

If you’re a California resident like me, you’ve probably already started diverting your food scraps for composting. The state passed a law that took effect this year, though condo communities like mine aren’t fully implemented yet. If you don’t have a full composting setup like one of my past clients – or a full garden to take advantage of this bounty – your approach is going to be more minimal, like mine.

My latest Forbes.com piece looks at your kitchen-based options for making composting more convenient and, dare I say it, more designer-friendly too!

Kitchen countertop with sink, cutting board and built-in countertop compost receptacle.

Built-in countertop receptacles are a sleek, sustainable option for your remodel
(Photo Courtesy: BLANCO)



Here’s my annual year-end wrap-up/forecast for Kitchen & Bath Design News on the latest trends. This column tied into my latest Clubhouse event. Here’s a link to the recording from our November 16 conversation. If you’re planning to update your kitchen in the new year, I recommend giving it a listen.

New construction kitchen with large island, four stools, gray stained cabinets and gray floor.

Large islands that can be used for dining, studying, working are a continuing trend
(Photo: Toll Brothers)


Here are three of my Forbes.com pieces from last year that could be helpful in hosting your holidays this season too — without losing your sanity!

NB: Reading these three links and the featured post will max you out on Forbes.com reads for the month. You can subscribe if you wish for as little as $6.99 or — best deal — $29.99 for the year.



In honor of Thanksgiving, I’m sharing links to help you with your holiday cooking and entertaining this week.



My guest moderators and I will be talking about the best healthy home upgrades for the new year. The convo takes place on December 7 at 4 pm EST, 1 pm PST (and all the related time zones). I hope you’ll join us. This will be the last Clubhouse of 2022.


  • 1/4 Creating Home Fitness Rooms
  • 1/18 Healthy Home Improvements with Best ROI
  • 3/1 Kitchen & Bath Industry & Builder’s Show Recap
  • 4/5 Coverings Show Preview
  • 5/17 Wellness Benefits of Water Features (Swim Spas, Fountains, Pools, Etc.)

What other topics do you want to hear about in the new year? Comment below and let me know.



Here are links to Clubhouse recordings from past sessions.

2022 Recordings:

Bathroom with freestanding tub, two open wall shelves, towel ladder.


2021 Recordings:








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