Thought Leader Conversation: Rancho La Puerta President On Bringing Spa Life Home

I can’t count how many clients have asked for spa-inspired bathrooms in my 16-plus years of design. Many have also asked for kitchens that would help them create spa menus for their families and friends, and for spaces where they can de-stress at home, just as they did on vacation. These requests are often accompanied by snapshots of the suites they stayed in at destination spas and resorts to illustrate what they loved and want as part of their remodel or new construction project.

So when I read that world-renowned destination spa Rancho La Puerta — just over the border from San Diego and Chez J in Baja — was building a wellness design community of spa-inspired homes next to their facilities, I had to check it out! That led to my latest Forbes.com Thought Leader Conversation piece. I interviewed the president of the spa (and daughter of the intriguing founding couple). She’s as refreshing as the spa itself, and the new homes she’s creating for those who want to live the spa life full-time have this same energy.

You can read the Residences at Rancho La Puerta and founding daughter/president Sarah Livia Szekely Brightwood here, (and you can enjoy some of the lovely home space pics for the new residences too).

The restful hammock spaces at rustic Rancho La Puerta have found their way into the new Residences too.
(Photo Courtesy: Rancho La Puerta)



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