It’s the end of January and, if you’re like most folks, your New Year’s resolutions are already falling by the wayside. If they’re not, kudos! You’re on your way to a healthier year and a healthier you. The tips in this series I wrote for can turbo-boost your success with a secret weapon: Your Home! Whether you own or rent, making changes to your living space can enhance your health and well-being.

Adding an anti-fatigue mat where you meal prep can reduce soreness
(Photo Courtesy: Wellness by Design (Simon & Schuster) / GelPro Comfort Floor Mats/GelPro Elite)

Throughout the month of January, I published a series of four articles tackling the most popular health-related resolutions. I interviewed four top healthcare pros for their takes on:

Quitting smoking with the Mayo Clinic’s Nicotine Dependence Center director Dr. J. Taylor Hays

Eating healthier with The New Power Eating best-selling author Dr. Susan Kleiner

Getting more exercise with Yale University’s chief of sports medicine (and team doc for the New England Black Wolves lacrosse and Connecticut Sun WNBA franchise)

Getting more sleep with Michigan Medicine’s Sleep Disorders Center specialist Dr. Cathy Goldstein

As a bonus, I also shared gift ideas to jump start these resolutions. You can use them now to boost or restart your program.

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