Top Issues Impacting 2022 Real Estate Reflect Wellness Design Priorities

We’re in the midst of a turbo-charged residential real estate market with properties getting multiple offers above asking price and getting snapped up almost as soon as they get listed. It’s been frustrating as a prospective homebuyer seeking to move from my townhouse to a single family home with fenced yard in the same San Diego neighborhood. Maybe you’re in the same situation.

One of the issues facing the real estate industry across the country, not just in my neck of the woods, is a shortage of housing, (especially affordable housing). It’s one of the six top issues with wellness design ramifications that I wrote about in my latest Forbes.com piece. You can read about all six here.

Home facade with stacked stone, planter, lawn and barrier-free entry for accessibility.

The need for more housing is a top 10 issue impacting the real estate industry.



  • I was delighted to be quoted in Better Homes & Gardens on the benefits of slow decorating. Here’s a link.
  • Portable space heaters are a leading cause of home and apartment fires every year. Tragically, 17 people died this week when their high rise in the Bronx borough of New York City was filled with smoke after one of these units caught fire. If your living situation requires that you use one, please implement these safety tips to protect yourself, your family, your neighbors and your property from danger.


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Next Wednesday, January 19, I’ll be chatting with three pros on how to create a great, health-centric kitchen pantry. My guests include a certified master kitchen designer, a chef and the senior editor of Houzz. It starts at 4 pm Eastern / 1 pm Pacific. Hope you’ll come check it out — no hair or makeup fixes needed!


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I’m a pretty avid reader on wellness-related topics and decided to share some of the riches I’m finding with my Gold Notes readers. Here are a few links you might find interesting and helpful:


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