Eight Bathroom Design Trends for 2021

You’ll probably note two important details about this post: 1) It’s much later than usual, and 2) it’s my first trends post of the new year. Yippee for the second and apologies for the first. I forgot to set it up yesterday when I usually prepare my posts. Blame it on the fog of life or turning 60 or the distractions of an absolutely insane news cycle.

At any rate, here are eight trends to look for in residential bathrooms this year from four different sources (Pinterest, Houzz, Ferguson and the NKBA) via my latest Forbes.com coverage. Next week, I’ll cover kitchens. The week after that, wellness design overall.

Deep soaking tubs are a 2021 trend, possibly because of an urge to escape the extraordinary stresses of our era



Since this is such a stressful time in our nation’s history, I’m sharing a Gold Notes post I wrote after a series of mass shooting events.Its purpose is to help you create a sanctuary space in your home for yourself and your family.

Covid is surging across our country, creating crisis conditions in our hospitals. As of this moment, 22.9 million Americans have been infected. At these horrific rates, we’ll be at one out of every 10 people in the country Covid-positive in a matter of months. If you or someone you know has this virus and needs to be quarantined, this article I wrote recently for Forbes.com can help you and your household.



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