Is the Dreaded ‘Covid 19’ Pound Weight Gain Real? (And How to Win the Pandemic Battle of the Bulge)

Are you one of the many folks dealing with weight gain this season, thanks to gym lockdowns, sheltering in place, pandemic stress, boredom and other Covid-related collateral damage? If you are, these tips in my latest Forbes.com piece from a weight loss specialist, chef and fitness trainer can help you win the battle of the bulge. I reached out to three experts for their advice, which can be implemented with wellness design ideas. I hope you find them informative and useful.

You don’t need a huge space or budget to add fitness room to your living space



New healthy living digital magazine Plantie shared one of my self care tips with readers. Check out all the great tips here.

Su Casa Southwest Homes shared my Wellness by Design book with their readers in the latest issue. You can read that piece here.

Brentwood Home‘s blog shared my tips for creating a child’s schoolwork station at home. You can read them here.

Are you looking for a new, healthier way to wake up? If so, C|Net‘s piece about the benefits of sunrise alarm clocks — with my inputs — can be helpful. Check it out here.

Leading design blog Hunker wrote about the evolution of wellness design. I was proud to have my insights included. You can find that piece here.

Mr Steam‘s blog published a Q&A with me on wellness design that you can read here.



I’ll be chatting with Business of Home editor Kaitlin Petersen tomorrow morning about how designer industry pros can strengthen the links between home and health in their projects. Here’s a link to more info and registration for this free Highpoint tie-in virtual event.

Three years ago this week, leading trade magazine Kitchen & Bath Design News published its inaugural 50 Innovators list. I was so proud to be among this distinguished group, acknowledged not because I’ve been KBDN‘s long-time Trend Spotting writer, but because of my work in bringing wellness design to the trade and public.



I’m always grateful for glowing reviews of my books. You can find them on Goodreads and Amazon. (I’d greatly appreciate your reviews too! Here’s a downloadable form to quickly and easily write one you can copy/paste onto your favorite book sites.)

Here are three of the latest Five Star Amazon reviews from verified purchasers:

Perfectly Timed: “With all of us spending more time at home due to COVID-19 and worrying about health more generally, this book is the perfect home companion to help improve wellness at home, whether you own or rent. Wellness by Design is a well-organized, well-written and very useful how-to book addressing practical steps you can take now to improve your health in your home and reduce risk factors. I found its room-by-room approach helped me get over the initial hurdle for any book like this, which is breaking down a big topic into small projects that are doable in a COVID-crazed period when demands upon our time are many. Its discussion of the different health properties of different materials is something I have never encountered before and one I hope to implement when we remodel our kitchen area. I also think it is a great gift idea for someone else — it shows you care about their health and who doesn’t want to know more about how to make their living space better and more healthful! I highly recommend it” — Dave Tobenkin (October 3, 2020)

AMAZING:  “This book is EVERYTHING!!! Great read especially during a pandemic. I like the tone of the author Jamie Gold. Very easy to relate to and apply to my business. The hardcover book is great quality.” — Amazon Customer (October 2, 2020)

A great and joyful reading for a healthy home: “Jamie Gold brings years in experience in this book giving us great insights in how to have a healthy home focused on wellness and beauty. A joyful and easy reading that is necessary for the times that we are living 100% inside of our homes.” Rome (September 23, 2020)



Not long after the pandemic struck, I created a home health guide for making the extended time at home easier, safer and more functional. I recently updated the guide with more tips and the latest science. You can download a FREE copy here.


Is the Dreaded ‘Covid 19’ Pound Weight Gain Real? (And How to Win the Pandemic Battle of the Bulge) - These tips in my latest Forbes.com piece from a weight loss specialist, chef and fitness trainer can help you win the battle of the bulge. Continue Reading
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