Welcome to Chez J – Update #1

As many of my readers know, I moved back to Southern California last year after a decade away. (Oh, how I missed you, Golden State!) I had long wanted to live in San Diego and finally made that dream come true. I’m so glad I did, as living here has been even more wonderful than I imagined it could be.

I found my new home last summer, and after a protracted buying process, moved into “Chez J,” a three-story South Bay town house, the day before Thanksgiving. (I had so much to be thankful for. Still do!)

The place was built in 2006 and in mostly move-in condition. This enables me to take my time in making it mine. I have a long wish list, but find myself short on time to coordinate it all. I also have to be careful not to over-improve the place, as I always advise my clients against doing!

I’ve already made some small updates, like getting my beautiful Brizo Talo faucet installed in the kitchen and a new light fixture, shower rod, rings, curtain, cabinet hardware, a small wall storage cabinet and accessories for my own en suite bath. (I just couldn’t stand looking at the ugly stuff any longer!)

My main focus has been the powder room, since it’s the smallest room in the house, thus the quickest to update. Here’s what I’ve achieved there so far, working part-time around projects and deadlines.

You’ll note that my taste is simple, not exotic. I’m not looking to make a statement, just to create a comfortable, functional, appealing (to me, at least!) space.

I changed out the builder basic faucet, towel bar, mirror, light bar and TP holder. I added an accent rug to coordinate with the paint I’m planning for it and a bath cart to hold tissues, guest towels and the soap dispenser that won’t fit on the too-small pedestal sink.

That sink is due for a future change, too! Maybe to this Bancroft pedestal from Kohler, maybe to something similar. I like its simple lines and the wide top that gives plenty of room for faucet and soap dispenser!

This is my new faucet from Huntington Brass, suggested to me by plumbing guru Dennis Hargraves at Fixtures. I really like its clean, retro lines!

My new light fixture looks like this Restoration Hardware Dillon Double Sconce, but cost less than $100 at Home Depot! I like how its square lines echo the faucet’s.

My new mirror, also a home center steal, pivots like this one, but has sleeker posts to better coordinate with the sleek faucet and light fixture.

This Burnished Brandy by Sherwin-Williams will probably be the powder room paint color. (Of course, your monitor settings might not display its warm, chocolatey tones.)

Eventually, the powder room flooring and that of the adjacent hall, living room, kitchen and dining room will all be wood. While I love dark floors, I think this engineered Amber Valley Oak from Lumber Liquidators — or something like it from one of my trade sources — will work better in my space. (A very similar wood floor looked great with my furniture in Florida, and was very easy to live with!)

In the meantime, a brown/blue edged area rug (in the back of the image below) from Bed, Bath & Beyond covers much of the boring 12-inch, tan ceramic tile.

When the new paint goes on, I’ll share some powder room pics. I won’t make you wait for the wood floors or new pedestal sink… Promise!


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