I posted last week about changes I made to the three-story San Diego townhouse I call Chez J.  This post is about changes I plan to make in the future.

Future Master Suite Plans

I already had the vanity painted black and added handsome new polished chrome knobs, handles and exposed hinges to it a few years ago.  I also added a decorative toe kick detail like the one shown below to give it a furniture look.  I eventually want to have a coordinating black frame added around the master bathroom mirror.

CJ2 Toekick Valance - Crown Pt Cabinetry

Details like this toe kick add to cabinetry style
(Photo Courtesy: Crown Point Cabinetry)

Next, I want to replace the existing four-inch tile countertop with a porcelain slab top.  I first spotted this Calacatta look from Fiandre at Dwell on Design and loved it!  It will be a great Sensible Style look for the master bath, especially if they start offering it in the new half-inch thickness that’s gaining popularity in the porcelain segment.

CJ2 - Calacatta - Fiandre

Marble look without marble maintenance
(Photo Courtesy: Fiandre)

The new sinks will probably look like these.  I designed them into a client project and really like the traditional rattan detail.  They’ll work with the existing Kohler Devonshire faucets if I decide to keep them.

Any items in good condition that I replace get donated, rather than discarded.  Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore is a much better place for these than landfills.  If you don’t want to take them there, or don’t have one near you, you can give them away or possibly use them elsewhere.

CJ2 - Rattan Portsmouth Lav - AS

Planning a pair of these sinks for master
(Photo Courtesy: American Standard)

New light fixtures will look like these, and add more light (and style) to the space than the current fixtures offer.

CJ2 - Mercer Triple Sconce - PB

This style will replace existing double lights
(Photo Courtesy: Pottery Barn)

Future Second Suite Plans

This bath will get even bigger changes, as I’d like to get a new vanity with storage drawers and a stone top.  It will look something like this, but probably from a different line that offers soft-close drawers.

CJ2 - Vanity - Lowes

Similar style and finish combo for second bath
(Photo Courtesy: Allen + Roth)

 I’ll also swap out the glued-on wall mirror for a framed model.  Since I already have a wood cabinet above the commode, I’ll look for a brushed nickel or other interesting material for the mirror frame.  I like to achieve balance in materials, so it’s not all just one tone.  There are so many interesting mirror choices today!

CJ2 - Mirror - P1

Coordinating mosaic mirror might work!
(Photo Courtesy: Pier 1)

 I will also get new faucets and shower controls that look like these.  Sink faucets are easy to change in a bathroom, but tub and shower faucets are not.  They have to fit the existing valves if you don’t want to tear into the wall, which I don’t!

Since the builder installed Kohler, unless they change their valves before I change my shower taps, I should be alright.  The manufacturer’s site gives specifications that let you know for sure.  I prefer (and own) a hand-held shower head (with massage setting, also by Kohler), so it will replace the fixed one shown below.

CJ2 - Archer Shower

Transitional style for second bath
(Photo Courtesy: Kohler)

These are all longer-term changes, but ones I look forward  to making.  At least, I don’t have that hideous baby-poo green paint in the bath any longer!  The past owners put it everywhere the place needed paint touch-ups before selling the place.  They were aiming for sage but ended up with nature gone horribly wrong.

Last Words

As I shared in my last Chez J post, I follow the same advice for my own home that I give my clients:  Choose elements that fit your home’s architecture and style, fit the neighborhood and fit the home’s value.  One could argue that the second suite’s plummy paint is a risk, but it’s easy and affordable to change if I need to later.  In the meantime, I’m enjoying the heck out of it.

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One of these years, I’ll finish each room to perfection and get them all photographed.   I hope you enjoy these “backstage views” in the meantime.