Wellness Benefits of Outdoor Living Spaces (Plus Bonus Nuggets!)

I love this time of year! I can spend hours outside after work enjoying light that doesn’t burn from my screens or filter through my window coverings. I like to combine fitness with social or “reading” time, so I strap on my pack and hit the hills and stairs in my neighborhood. I’m either using that time to catch up with a friend or listening to an audiobook, getting a good workout completed in both scenarios. How do you enjoy your outdoor hours?

I shared some ideas and inspiration with Design Milk in my latest piece. Here’s a link for you to enjoy.  Whether your living space is surrounded by rolling hills, trees and jasmine, as mine is, or city streets, as when I lived in New York, there are numerous benefits to being outdoors. I hope you’re taking advantage of them!


These chairs remind me of my childhood summers in the Catskills,
where my love for outdoor living was kindled at our family’s vacation home.
[Photo courtesy of Deckorators; deckorators.com // Wellness by Design (Tiller Press, 2020, © J. Gold)]



  • For those of you looking to add more fresh produce into your diet, here’s part two of the Forbes piece I wrote recently. This one covers fresh fruit and cooking outdoors.
  • Here’s my latest Trend Spotting on home improvements for non-kitchen spaces. What’s trending and why? Check out the latest from June’s Kitchen & Bath Design News here.



It’s the time of year when we all look to enhance our health with new fitness goals. Especially this year, when so many have spent the last 15 months cooped up. Maybe you’re planning to run your first — or fastest — 5K. Maybe you’re going to bag your highest peak this summer. Whatever you’re planning, your home can support or sabotage your fitness goals. I created this new FREE download to help you get there with some room by room wellness by design tips.




Save the Date! 

I’m going to be a presenter at the San Diego Union-Tribune‘s 2021 Festival of Books on Saturday, August 12. I love this event and am excited to be invited to share tips on creating a healthy work from home space! I’ll let you know when my time slot has been confirmed. This event will be virtual again, so you don’t even have to leave your home to participate.

Clubhouse Update

There are new sessions scheduled (and planned) for my Wellness Wednesdays club on the Clubhouse app. These will be scheduled for 4 PM Eastern/1 PM Pacific the first and third week of the month! Here’s what’s scheduled or planned into the Fall. Hope you’ll join us for one or more. In case you can’t make it, I’ll be sharing links to the recordings afterward, as you’ll see below.



I’m a pretty avid reader on wellness-related topics and decided to share some of the riches I’m finding with my Gold Notes readers. Here are some links you might find interesting and helpful from a variety of sources.



Here are some nuggets for my colleagues in the design and remodeling industries:

  • The next monthly KB Designers Network Clubhouse wellness conversation is scheduled for Thursday, July 8 at 4:30 pm Pacific/7:30 pm Eastern. The topic will be luxury spaces with my dearest friend and trade show “husband” Dean Larkin, AIA as our special guest. Dean is a Los Angeles-based high end architect and one of my go-to guys on luxury trends! Here’s a link to the event. If you’re not yet on Clubhouse, that link will help you sign up faster. You can also add the event to your smart phone’s calendar that way.
  • Many of my colleagues in the design and construction industries are entrepreneurs like me. I shared my thoughts on the PRO Act via Kitchen & Bath Design News last week. Here’s a piece on this legislation tucked into the infrastructure bill from Entrepreneur Magazine.
  • One of the ongoing challenges facing our field is a shortage of skilled trades. You can create the best kitchen or bath design in the nation, but if there’s no one with plumbing, electrical or cabinetry skills to install it for your non-DIY clients, that project isn’t going to get completed. There are initiatives afoot to attract high school students into the field, which is great, but I think an untapped, more readily available source of trade talent is the immigrant community, particularly the thousands of Afghan war allies who served with our forces who are arriving on Special Immigrant Visas. While many served as interpreters on combat missions, others worked with the US Army Corps of Engineers and its contractors on construction projects. I helped some of these pros settle into new homes and careers here in San Diego. They’re mature, resilient, reliable, skilled and experienced. I met experienced carpenters, handymen, electrical contractors and solar pros. If you’re interested in tapping into this labor pool for your company’s needs, shoot me a note (jamie@jamiegold.net), letting me know where you’re located and what you’re looking for. I’ll see if I can connect you with some resources from this inspiring community!




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