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When I designed my home office, I didn’t have video sessions in mind. It was going to be a comfortable, inspiring space to work, and it has been so for the past 11 years. When the pandemic started though, I was forced, like millions of other working adults, to invite colleagues, clients and audiences into my space via videoconference. Maybe the same has been true for you too.

Book Cover: How to Zoom Your Room"


How to Zoom Your Room: Room Rater’s Ultimate Style Guide (Voracious Books, 2022) makes your space look great when it has to go on camera. The book was inspired by the authors’ crazy-popular Room Rater Twitter account (@ratemyskyperoom). The account started rating the room setups of commentators on news shows when everyone was appearing from home. It was a fun way to humanize luminaries, and many even began to promote their ratings after cable appearances.


As the authors, Claude Taylor and Jessie Bahrey note in the book’s introduction, “We’ve never made any secret of the fact that we’re not interior designers or decorators, and rating rooms was definitely not our day job. However, after seeing hundreds of thousands of rooms, we’ve picked up a thing or two. We saw what worked and what didn’t…” 


This book is designed for everyone, as the authors note. It’s got practical, affordable and easy-to-implement tips on making your Zoom room telegenic. As they say, “We can help you nail the interview, earn the promotion, and impress your friends and family.” What’s not to like?



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