Wellness Design Strategies For Addressing Wildfire Smoke And Ash In Your Homes During Covid Pandemic

“The smoke is coming into my place!” My sister cried into the phone. “It’s awful!” I could hear the distress in her voice. Had I seen any of the photos of the entire Bay Area shrouded in smoke and ash, she wanted to know. Yes, sadly I had. I have family and friends in that area, as well as up and down the West Coast, and I worry. I’m not free from risk in my suburban San Diego neighborhood either. I could smell the remains of the Valley Fire on one of my recent neighborhood rucks, but it’s not bad (yet) where I live.

If it’s awful where you live, these wellness design suggestions from two trusted experts — one a pulmonologist from UCSF and one a buildings expert from ASHRAE — along with tips from the EPA that I shared in my latest Forbes.com piece can help. Click here to read it. Wildfire smoke and ash are always potential health hazards, especially for those with respiratory and immune issues, but with a pandemic raging across the country, they’re even more dangerous.

Normal San Francisco Fog or Wildfire Smoke? Lately, It’s Sadly Been the Latter!
(Photo: https://www.pexels.com/@timmossholder)

Earlier in the pandemic, I created a home health guide to help readers stay healthier while self-quarantining. Much has been learned about the virus causing Covid-19 in the months since then, so I’ve updated the guide to reflect the latest science. You can download a copy here.



The Telegraph — England’s equivalent to the Washington Post or New York Times — wrote a great piece about the new book

Realtor.com shared my tips on improving indoor air quality vis-a-vis Coronavirus



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You can attend CEDIA Expo, the top smart home technology conference, from home this year! It’s running through Thursday. Check it out here.

Design pros can also catch a recording of the Coverings Connected Healthy Buildings, Healthy Homes tile and stone webinar that debuted on August 26 here. They ran into a technical snafu so you can see the slides, but not us presenters! (And I was having a really good hair day too.)

You can also catch my design industry article on tile trends from my latest Kitchen & Bath Design News Trend Spotting here.

Very proud that the National Kitchen & Bath Association shared my book with my colleagues in the design and construction industry. You can read that post here.




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