The Wellness Market

Track: Sales & Marketing
Speaker: Jamie Gold, CKD, CAPS, MCCWC

How are you credentialed?  Certified Kitchen Designer?  Certified Aging in Place Specialist? Certified Interior Designer?  How are you using your certifications or experience to position yourself in the increasingly-competitive design market and break through to new sales opportunities?

There’s no question that repeat business and referrals are ideal, but they may not help you to break into lucrative new markets or grow your business at the pace you want.  Even leveraging those can take strategic thinking to be the top resource in your prospects’ minds.

One approach is to tap into complementary markets that are top of mind with both prospective clients and local media.  What makes a market complementary is its overlap of potential buyers, shared psychographic profile, need, timing and capital for your products and services.  

The market for wellness design is one such fast-growing opportunity, especially with mass-affluent Millennials and Baby Boomers.  So how do you tap into their consciousness and cash flow?  This CEU program will show you its shape and scope, and how to tap into it – with the potential for very healthy returns.



Discuss and demonstrate methods to:

  •  Discover and positively describe the ties between wellness and design;
  •  Position yourself as a wellness-focused designer for health-oriented prospects;
  •  Identify the wellness markets in your community;
  •  Identify the optimum segment(s) of the wellness market for your business;
  •  Position yourself as a wellness design expert for local media;
  •  Work effectively with local editors and producers for free exposure.

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