I first spotted porcelain slab countertops in a European cabinet showroom in West Hollywood, either in 2009 or 2010. I didn’t know what they were, but I loved the sleek look. Fast forward to my first European trade show, LivingKitchen, in January 2011 and I spotted more of them around the show floor. In fact, one manufacturer had a slab set up on a stand and let visitors stand and even jump on it. I did. It didn’t break. I was impressed! I included them in my first and second books. They’ll definitely show up in my third, as well!

Here’s an entire article I wrote on the topic for It is the most-visited piece I’ve written since I started contributing to the publication last summer. I’m glad to see interest growing. Check them out for your home.

This modern porcelain slab is probably not what you picture when you hear “tile countertops.”
(Photo Courtesy: Fondovalle/Ceramics of Italy Member Company)

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